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Welcome to Market Research Recruitment - the market research recruitment service that can point you in the right direction. Everyone likes to be asked their views/opinions on the products and services they use and focus groups/depth discussions provide a valuable forum in the comfort of a secure venue.

Market Research Recruitment is a qualitative focus group and depth interview recruitment facility providing high-quality respondents to participate in market research. We are IQCS TRAINED and have many years and vast experience in all types of market research recruitment; and we work in many sectors including, but in no way limited to: IT, Business, Banking and Financial Services, Telecoms, Travel, Cars , Online Surveys and Consumables. As a research professional, leave your worries behind when you step across our threshold. Consistent attention to recruiting details, consistent quality respondents, consistent high show rates and consistent attention to on-site needs result in our clients consistently saying, " The recruitment was magnificent last night, it was a difficult spec and they got exactly the right people in the group" Paul

Our respondents are from all walks of life and professions including legal, financial, civil service, business community and local government. We currently have a database of thousands of names and this is growing daily. Market Research Recruitment has worked for both large and small client companies and directly with advertising agencies and is renowned for its ability to place the ideal respondent to fit even the most challenging and rare criteria.


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